War World

Last updated = 2013-03-24


    Hello and welcome. I, Ledmitz, have found, edited and created sounds for use with the online RPG game, "The Mana World", since many sounds are still missing. I provide updates with additional/alternative content. As of right now, only sound effects (sfx) are added. I will probably, only release a music patch here if I can change track names and still have the maps recognize them (F10 in ManaPlus). I may also add a few, really small tweaks, given time.
    I hope you enjoy this new ear candy. Have fun!

How to:

1. Simply make a copy of your ManaPlus shortcut and retitle it to WarWorld or whatever else you want. Right click the new shortcut and choose properties. replace the command manaplus with manaplus --update-host warworld.noads.biz/updates. Use the newly created shortcut to access the game with more sounds than ever before.
2. Enjoy!

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The Mana World

Local files and directories (site content)
Credits and Notes

License Information (legal B.S.)
GPL license(shipped with TMW updates)
Sampling Plus 1.0
CC0 1.0
CC BY 3.0
CC BY-NC 3.0

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